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Wirelessly Connected Battery Operated Black LED Spotlight with Outdoor Motion Sensor

Wirelessly Connected Battery Operated Black LED Spotlight with Outdoor Motion Sensor

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The Wireless Motion Sensor plus Battery-Powered Spotlight is and excellent combination for adding a motion-sensing light to your outdoor environment. When motion is detected by the Motion Sensor, it activates the Spotlight (which can be placed up to 50 ft. away), providing light and security in. dark spots of your landscaping or additional light when receiving visitors or strolling outside. The motion sensor and Spotlight combination can be added to your existing Lightscape Smart Controller for additional functionality. When your regular landscape lights are not on, the Motion Sensor and Spotlight can provide much needed motion-activated light coverage and can be set to activate on the included timer. It's easy to add additional Spotlights or Motion Sensors to your Lightscape app, available for most Android and iOS smartphones. The app allows you to set multiple timers for your lights, activate them by motion-detection and manage lighting in. different zones of your landscaping, such as Front Yard, Pool Area and Patio. Highlights Combo includes 1 wireless, battery-powered motion sensor with wall mount and 1 wireless battery-powered spotlight with both wall mount and garden stake Works with Apple iOS and Android smartphones with the Lightscape app Use the combo only or combine with your existing Lightscape wireless controller for additional functionality, you can add additional spotlights and sensors to the various zones in your system

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